Best ASUS Gaming PC Under 700/800/1000 Dollars

It is excited for game fans to find an ideal value gaming PC that could handle the most demanding games and provide great pleasure for serious and stimulation games. Assuming you have researched on some good gaming PC under 1000 dollars on the market, you will find it seems kind of difficult to get what you want.

So, if you are losing confidence in choosing the value gaming PC, please focus on this article. I am going to show you what I have found in the past five days. I will recommend to you the best ASUS gaming PC under 700/800/1000 dollars on in this report. All of them are definitely good value for the justified price. I hope it will help you to some extent.

Best ASUS Gaming PC Under 700/800/1000 Dollars of 2016

In order to offer you some useful information about ASUS gaming PC under 700/800/1000 dollars, I have studied a lot to make a comparison. Judging from the price, screen size, processor, brand name, the item weight and so on, this comparison chart will give you a close look on the gaming PC.

My Works: things you should consider when choosing gaming PC

  • Famous Website

As several famous big websites you can choose from, for example Amazon which always offer varieties of good gaming PC for customer, you can choose a most trusted one. At the same time, you can find what you want according to prices, types and buyer preference.

  • The Budget

How much you will spend ? The price level of gaming PC is different. You need to set a budget before buying so that you can get a perfect one of the ideal price. In this report I have offered 3 different price levels of best ASUS gaming PC for you which is under 700/800/1000 dollars, respectively. This price is very attractive and each product is good enough to meet you needs.

  • The Compare with Similar Items

You need to compare with the related products before buying. You will find what you really want by meticulous comparison. You can make a comparison chart from the customer rating, price, processors, operating system, memory, storage and so on.

Top 3 ASUS Gaming PC Under 700/800/1000 Dollars of 2016

#Best Asus Gaming pc Under 700:Asus G20AJ-US006S Gaming PC

Best Asus Gaming pc Under 700

What Customer Really think Of This Procduct

The compact gaming desktop PC make it is possible to dominate your game instead of the bulk of the traditional gaming PC. In virtue of the 4th gen Intel i3 processor and high-speed 1TB hard drive you can have an incredibly experience with sharp visuals and speed. Under the hood, the ROG G20 maximize the multitasking power through a Intel Core i3 processor. You can get the great performance by taking on the demanding tasks from the games at a highest settings to watching video in a crystal-clear 4K UHD quality. ROG G20 has all the essentials which is bundled with a gaming mouse and keyboard for a whole gaming package.


  • Passive and active thermal design for quiet and cool operation
  • ROG G20 could brings you into an immersive world of visuals and colors in HD resolution.

Reasons to buy it

  • The 4th gen Intel i3 processor, 4K video playback, 1TB 7200RPM hard drive for high-end HD-quality performance
  • Intel Ethernet LAN with game packet prioritization as well as high speed Wi-Fi offer the great and smoothest online gaming experience.
  • G20 adds on another dimension with 3D Vision Surround bring in a stereoscopic 3D experience for you.

Customer Reviews

It’s just a 4th gen i3, but has out performed i5s. And with a 8 gb of ram and 3.5 gb processor, this desktop is an amazing PC which is both exceptional and affordable. The desktop is surprisingly small. I have tested it with games such as Ryse son of rome and Shadows of Mordor. This system runs the game on a highest settings and the games look absolutely fantastic. Worth buying and excellent bang for yourself.

#Best ASUS Gaming PC Under 800:ASUS G20AJ-US023S Desktop

Best Asus Gaming pc Under 800

What Customer Really think Of This Procduct

Customer Reviews

I bought this about 4 weeks ago and I got a really nice PC on Amazon. This is a good pc for gaming. If you want a good and well-rounded pc then choose this one. By the way the size of the desktop is totally perfect for portable LAN parties. I love it so far and exactly what I needed for a great price (Under 800 Dollars).

#Best ASUS Gaming pc under 1000:ASUS G10AJ-US010S Gaming Desktop

Best Asus Gaming pc Under 1000

What Customer Really think Of This Procduct

Customer Reviews

I purchased this PC after comparing with many other computers. I think this one is a better choose. It is fast, reliable and powerful. The desktop is powered through the 4th generation Intel Processor and NVIDIA graphics to express incredible performance. It comes with the latest Win 8.1 which is boots up super fast and games run smooth. It runs very quiet and I have not seen any stability issues so far.

My Recommendation

Here are the best 3 ASUS Gaming PC under 700/800/1000 recommended for you. These computers are carefully chosen by me. All of them are excellent, as well as the suitable price. I hope this article can help you get an ideal PC.

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