Best Cheap Gaming PC Under 400 Dollars

Gaming fans know that they can get good quality of game play with a gaming computer. and any of you here want to know which one is able to kick their gaming to a happy level, especially those best cheap gaming PCs Under 400 dollars,I am going to give you top 5 of my picks in that price range.

To be all eagerness to look at this top 5 lists of gaming computers under $400, which I have found in the past several days. You’d better get ready and take several minutes to compare them step by step in the following comparison chart (It is all about . You may feel that you do not have many choice to end up buying your best deal.

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Top 5 Gaming PC Under 400 Dollars-Highlights

Here comes three best affordable gaming desktop under 400 dollars–ASUS M32BF-US005O Desktop, ASUS M32BF-US005O Desktop and ASUS M32BF-US005O Desktop. Let’s have a brief look at them.

Alienware Alpha ASM100-1580 MINI Gaming PC under 400 Dollars

Best Cheap Gaming PC Under 400 DollarsThe Alienware Alpha is multifunctional. There is no need for the mouse and the keyboard. Since it connects to the Steam Big Picture, you can easily have access to a large number of games that you wanna play. Besides, the speed is quite quick, so basically it can make the most of your gaming moment .

The Reasons to Buy This Gaming PC Under 400

Small size: Unlike other large ones, this one is pretty small, therefore it can be easy  to carry and move.

People’s choice: From amateur players to the professional ones, they all suggest this to other people.

Many games: Featured on the gaming system, you are able to any game you like through the Alienware Alpha.

Something You May Not Like

The only color is black. So some of you probably are not into it.

What the Current Owners Say This Gaming PC UNDER 400

Honestly speaking, I like the Alienware Alpha very much. You have no idea how amazing this one is. Not only can I get many games that my previous one can’t provide, but also the speed of it is perfect. While I was playing the game, the graffiti is just that beautiful. One more thing about the product is that you can take it anywhere you like.

Bottom Line

Compared with other gaming PC under 400, the Alienware Alpha stands out as the best of the bunch. The speed, the price and the design are just so perfect that you can’t miss it.

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3100A Gaming Desktop ($400-$500)

Best Cheap Gaming PC Under 400 DollarsThe CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3100A is one good cheap desktop from CyberpowerPC that is really worth its price. It is aimed at those mid range and light users but still perfect for every kind of users. Its metal brush in the front really makes it stand out from other ordinary desktops. In the front side we can find an optical drive, several USB ports and the headphone sack. Ventilation is at the pc’s two sides together with other ports at the backside.


This CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3100A is armed with one of AMD’s most mighty processors–the AMD FX-4300 3.80GHZ Quad-Core. The CPU is clocked at 3.8GHz which makes it fast enough to handle whatever your apps together with media consumption. Thanks to the 8GB of RAM, it is powerful enough to keep everything running quite smoothly. What’s more, the 1TB hard drive spins at 7200RPM, which means it is much better than the commonly used 5400RPM in this price range; therefore, it’s really worth buying. Plus, even during heavy loads, this computer is also relatively quite in use.

☆Connectivity Features

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3100A provides you 6 USB 2.0 ports, x RJ-45 Network Ethernet, an HDMI port, and a VGA port. You need a HDMI-to-DVI adapter if you want to use DVI .

CybertronPC Trooper-X6 Gaming Desktop Under 400 Dollars

gaming desktops under 1000The CybertronPC Trooper-X6 desktop is an affordable PC under 400 dollars processed with a series of family-friendly features. Want to play processing-intensive games? Thanks to its lightning-fast AMD A4-6300 3.70GHz Dual-Core.processor and AMD Radeon HD 8370Dd AMD graphics, this requirement is easily satisfied. Besides, you can house all of your favorite movies, songs and photos in its plenty storage space. The CybertronPC Trooper-X6 desktop also outfit CybertronPC’s top-rated AccuType keyboard so that you can type in great comfort. Plus, the CybertronPC Rescue System makes backup quite simple. To be brief, the CybertronPC Desktop is a ideal choice for an daily family PC.

Product Description

Family Friendly Computing.

Combining lightning-fast processing performance and perfect entertainment features, the CybertronPC Trooper-X6 desktop PC is under your budget yet can fulfill your requirements. Great for watching movies, organizing photos and listening to music, this pc is ideal for the whole family.

☆CybertronPC Cloud Storage

You never need to worry about losing your critical data with CybertronPC Cloud Storage. At the same time, it is also quick and convenient to make access to information and file-sharing.

Multimedia Power

The CybertronPC Trooper-X6 desktop will give you a home entertainment experience with its integrated AMD HD graphics, 5.1 surround sound supports, HDMI output and DVD reader/writer.

☆ CybertronPC  Rescue System

The CybertronPC Trooper-X6 desktop provides you with easily and quickly backup and recover system files, drivers, applications, and even user files.

CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4 Gaming Computer Under 400 

gaming computers under 1000 dollarsFeaturing AMD a4-7300 3.80GHz dual-core processor,AMD Radeon HD 8470D GPU, Windows 10.1, 8GB DDR3 Memory, Cool  Connectivity Ports,1TB 7200RPM SATA3 Hard Drive, High Definition Audio, Ethernet, HDMI,This CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4 Desktop is the cheapest gaming PC you cannot miss.

Product Description

Multi-tasking Performance

Thanks to the new AMD a4-7300 3.80GHz dual-core processor, you are able to enjoy its wonderful performance while need not worry about the safety of your data with the built in security features. In addition, possessing the new Windows, you can do a lot more. There are more ways provided for you to browse, entertain, search, and connect with the people. Besides, you can personalize your Start screen with Live Tiles to make Windows in your own style by adding your photos, apps and websites that you visit most.

Superior Functionality, Progressive Design

The design of CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4Desktop UNDER 400 is in modern style. Its metallic is decorated with chassis chrome strip. What’s more, these frequently-used ports, headphone, Microphone jacks and Card Reader are up front and within reach easily. The utility top storage deck is ideal for placing accessories and gadgets when connecting or charging. Besides, 1TB Hard Drive is really large enough for you to house your music, games movies and all kinds of files.

Resource: Different Budget, Different Desktops

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