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As it’s not easy to determine the Best Cheap Monitor For Computers particularly for those people who are unfamiliar with key specs and significant factors. By integrating the monitor knowledge of our professional team, we succinctly introduce the important components in the following report to help you recognize a best monitor for gaming correctly.  Moreover,  top 3 pc monitors under 200 dollars will also be showed for you, which are selected by us strictly from all-around parts including basic features, cost performance, customer reviews and highlights. Though this process requires much considerate time and effort,I believe you would be satisfied with our achievement and get one best affordable monitor for pc from them.

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Best Monitor For Gaming: Key features you should take into account

Key 1:  slow lag

Sometimes known as enter lag. Generally, show lag measures the time principally from when the monitor gets a sign until it precisely shows the picture on the display screen. And the decrease it’s, the higher.

Key 2:  most refresh fee

The refresh fee of a monitor refers back to various occasions that the display refreshes the show each second. And it aids in supplying smoother motion and decreasing movement blur. Because the refresh price straightly depends upon your graphics, you’ll primely want a respectable card which may output a body charge than 60 in your video games.

Key 3:  panel kind and viewing angles

The panel of a monitor has an effect on viewing angles and coloration accuracy of the show. Nowadays, the two most typical types of panels getting used as we know are the TN and IPS panels.

Reviews:Best Monitor under 200 Dollars

As we have get know the key features for monitor for gaming, let’s take a look at these top three products we recommend.

Asus VS247H-P Full-HD LED-Lit LCD 23.6-Inch Monitor

Best Monitor Under 200 DollarsThe first one we strongly recommend for you is the best seller, the winner of best monitors under 200 dollars on—— Asus VS247H-P Full-HD LED-Lit LCD 23.6-Inch Monitor. As it published in July,2011, the sales has been up to 3709 until now.  It has Slim Form Factor, Built-in Power Adapter, LED Backlit with 50,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio and TN Panel Display. So if you’re looking for some business and gaming all-in one monitors, then get this one that’s made for it.

The pros

  • Full HD displays for considerable high-definition visual clarity.
  • LED backlit for brighter luminance and energy-efficient operation.
  • 2ms response times for smooth motion playback.
  • ASUS smart 50,000,000:1 contrast Ratio deliveries more defined images in dark colors.
  • Splendid Video Intelligence Technology give your preferred task at hand with quick image presets .

The cons

Some customers thought its resolution1080 pixels was a little low

Customer reviews

I’d recommend this monitor to anyone who is looking for a cheap monitor with great performance.

Cost trend

As its official price is 194.99 dollars, but it only cost 156.76 on

Asus VS248H-P Full-HD LED-lit LCD 24-Inch Monitor under 200

Best Monitor For GamingLike big screen? This Asus VS248H-P won’t let you down. Equipped with Asus Splendid Video Intelligence Processor and Quick response time of 2ms, it can quickly deal with your data and show you images. And Corporate Stable Model and EPEAT Gold Certified, Slim Form Factor with Built-in VESA mountable and Power Adapter will enhance your entertainment. Anyone who care about the comfort of experience can take this monitor which save on energy costs  and reduce environmental impact into account.

The pros

  • high dynamic contrast ratios, delivering a more defined image especially while playing games, watching night scenes in movies, or giving presentations.
  • a 3-year panel and system warranty to protect it from the unfortunate.
  • Featuring different scenario settings from game to scenario modes, which allow you to choose your preferred  task at hand.

The cons

One customer said that a headphone jack in the back passed the audio signal through from the HDMI connection.

Customer reviews

Great monitor for gaming and movie watching!!!

Cost trend

It’s still available on and on sales with 169.99 dollars which save your 10%money. Maybe you should check it now to see its latest trend.

ASUS VS228H-P Full-HD 5ms LED-Lit LCD 22-Inch  Monitor for gaming

Best Monitor Under 200 DollarsAs the top 2 best seller of monitors on, the ASUS VS228H-P has its successful characteristics, such as Slim and Elegant design, EPEAT Gold Certified,VESA Mountable,Versatile viewing positions,Full 1080P with HDMI, and LED Back-lit with 50,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio. If you are serious about the components, this one is worthy of your purchase.

The pros

  • with 100% of the pixels working; on one single stuck or dead pixel.
  • a headphone jack built next to the video ports in the back.
  • Through the aspect Control function, users are able to choose a preferred display mode  among Full and 4:3 for vivid gaming together with  watching movies without any data loss or image distortion.

The cons

some people complained that it wasn’t easy to use VGA

Customer reviews

Nothing to complain about. perfect. For what I do; youtube, browsing; big, crisp, games, flight sim, beautiful.

Cost trend

Even for monitors under 200 dollars, it’s greatly bang for the buck, which will save 45 dollars for you on

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