Best CybertronPC Gaming PC Under 500/800/1000 Dollars

It is vital for gaming fans to know how to enrich the gaming experience when they plan to change their old machines . Some of you might know that the specs which gaming computer feature play a decisive part in it. Yet most of you just simply look at the product specs by themselves ,and ask the shop assistant and their friends for advice. But it is not enough to get a satisfactory PC. You have to spend a lot of time to figure out the key configuration, the cost trend, and the customer reviews.

Anyone who want to have a happier experience towards playing, especially those who want to find best CybertronPC desktops under $500/800/1000 dollars in 2015, I’m going to give you top 10 of my picks here.I have studied such kind of good value CybertronPC desktops for gaming for many days. You’d better read it carefully and compare them one by one in the comparison chart below,so that you can finally buy your best deal.

Best CybertronPC Gaming PC Under 500/800/1000 Dollars

You may be curious about the work I did. Please take a brief look at the comparison chart, it’s just for a comparison. By comparing the following 4 spes, we can easily get the best PC with best performance. The 4 specs are: Procassor, Graphics, Hard drive, and RAM, which determines fast running speed, and stable performance.

Besides,I have compared the cost of each item.Moreover,by reading customer reviews,we can get a brief knowledge of the performance of each item.All in all,by comparing these parts, We can find different characteristics and can find the suitable PC, which meets needs of different people. As finish reading,you can get the answer you want.

Guide: What points you need to consider before purchasing?

Hey, buddy! If you have a friend, who is looking to assemble a computer for himself to game away in his spare time, the buying guide will be something just for him.Basically, when things come to how to choose a right gaming PC, people have many choices, and for starters, most of them are depending on shape, expansion, size, and manufacturer. Here, I will try my best to give you and your friend a general guide about gaming PC and how to deal with the purchase things.

I hope it can help you go away from all the how and what of computer odds. Just take a minute, and you can know what’s your gaming needs!

Cable Management:

Absolutely a case must require cable managements. Nowadays, luckily  more and more companies have began to design cases with this idea in mind.

Why can having cable management be so vital? The reason is that thie cable can allow user to center upon battling heat, which is one of the worst enemy of a PC. Normally, a Good cable management can save space and in turn it equal saving more space and can can use for a cooling system.

Front Panel ports:

Mostly, regardless of the size of pc, some form of ports can give user more function. These kinds of ports usually are about the variety of USB . And you should also ensure the headphone jacks and the microphone are surely on the front panel.

My Advice-What I Think Of Top Rated CybertronPC Gaming Desktops

Here, I am going to rate The Top 3 among these picks,  Please take a few minutes to look through what i really think of these best affordable CybertronPC desktops under $700/800/900 ,if you don’t know which to choose. Here comes your answer.

Best Cheap CybertronPC Gaming PC Under 500/800/1000 Dollars

Best CybertronPC Gaming PC Under 1000: CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme GXi10200A Desktop Review

Best CybertronPC Gaming PC Under 1000To begin with, you must be interested in CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme GXi10200A gaming PC’s white and blue exterior. Then you will be surprised that it has so large storage, such as 16GB DDR4,128GB NVMe SSD and 1TB HDD and so forth. Compared with others, this gaming PC has a tempered glass side case panel. Besides, keyboard and mouse are delivered as gifts

The Reasons to Buy This Gaming PC

Attractive exterior: White material is its advantage compared with black ones. Not only boys but also girls will like it.

Large storage: Large storage boosts it to run faster than other gaming PCs. It can store large statistics as well as perform well.

VR Ready: CyberPowerPC Gaming PC is tested to support two kinds of VR games and it’s enough to do so as a VR Gaming PC.

The Reasons You May Not Like

You can get it from different sellers and you have to choose one.

What the Current Owners Say This Gaming PC

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme runs super fast and its a top notch machine. My CPU cores  had been running hotter than I want so I put a water cooler on there ad now it doesn’t go above 70c. It looks better than my old gaming PC and I like it very much.

Bottom Line

Fantastic exterior, large storage, VR ready is this CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme gaming PC main merits. Free keyboard and mouse is also available. Buy it now.

Best CybertronPC Gaming PC Under 500: CybertronPC Patriot GM1293D Desktop Reviews

Best CybertronPC Gaming PC Under 500

Find Today’s Best Price Now

Its system can help you defend rule,and conquer all the virtual worlds! Besides, it is powered by a greatDual-Core Processor, the AMD is A4-5300 and it’s 3.40 GHz. Whiat’s more, Memory is and it has the CybertronPC Patriot, which can deliver a solid gaming experience and it has a HD 7480D Graphic. The Hard Drive is 1 TB and it can’t only house tons of the games, but also can provides people with storage space .


  • the AMD is A4-5300 and it’s 3.40 GHz
  • It’s graphics is radeon, DVD±RW ,  GPU | is 24X ,  HD 7480D, and Dual-Layer Drive or Audio
  • The expansion of Bays or Slots are total Free
  • The connectivity is 1ea. The PS/2 Mouse or Keyboard is 6x USB,  0 or 1x RJ-45

The network ethernet is 10 or 100/or 802.

Customer reviews

It’s great and it’s perfect for me!


Best CybertronPC Gaming pc under 800

CybertronPC Hellion GM1213B Desktop (Black/Blue)

Best CybertronPC Gaming pc under 800

Find Today’s Best Price Now

 Customer reviews

I was just looking for a really good gaming system, which is with a nice design with many room to upgrade and certain quality components.



CybertronPC SOKOM-I Gaming Desktop (TGMSOKOMI0015GN)

Best CybertronPC Gaming pc under 1000

Find Today’s Best Price Now

 Customer reviews

This computer is really amazing. I’m extremely happy with this purchase. When I hooked up theis computer at first time I was a bit scared due to this purchase is sent overseas, while in fact everything works perfectly!





My recommendation: the best CybertronPC Gaming pc under 500/800/1000

The first gaming pc should be your first choice. It is powered by a great Dual-Core Processor,  and the system of it can help you defend rule,and conquer all the virtual worlds! Besides,the AMD is A4-5300 and it’s 3.40 GHz. The Hard Drive can’t only house tons of the games, but also can provides people with storage space. It’s quite worthwhile.

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