Best Budget Gaming PC Under 1500 Dollars Of 2017(Top 10 Lists)

As for anyone who is eager for the” Best Selling budget PC For Gaming”,you can take this article into consideration.The following in depth report concerning with ” Best Budget Gaming PC Under 1500 Dollars” is going to show you how to choose the PC reasonably. The goal we want to achieve is to buy high-quality goods at prices.

It’s a hard job to choose the most suitable PC from those good value budget Gaming desktops.I do not want to say it is hard for ordinary people to know what every key configuration have to do with gaming performance.However.I want to say It’s a tough work to compare prices, customer reviews, performances from so amount of cheap gaming PC under 1500 dollars. And this is why I decided to make a total comparison chart for you.I hope it can help you.

The Total Comparison: Best Budget Gaming PC Under 1500 Dollars

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I have read customer reviews on Amazon, searched useful information in Google, and concluded the cons and the pros of each good value budget gaming PC.Moreover, by comparing key specs, such as processor, graphics,hard drive and ram,  I finally got the top 10 Best budget Gaming computers, which are all good value, reasonably priced and worth buying。

Why I come up with such kind of chart

In reality, we usually want to buy the most useful PC at the lowest price.But high price doesn’t mean high quality.It’s usually not equal. Besides, merchants offer big bang for your buck in a certain time, which can explain low price for some good-featured items.So I think it’s time for me to make such kind of comparison chart for you.

So, Please Take A look at this chart

Please take a glance at the comparison chart. I will introduce the major specs , the customer reviews and best deal. You are able to take a simple comparison, and you can see clearly of the specs of each PC.

I hope you can find what you want from the chart.If not, the following In-depth reviews about “Top three ASUS PC for gaming” Recommended  is here to show you how to get best quality at prices.Please take a few more minutes to read the following reviews.

Top 10 Best Budget Gaming PC Under 1500 Dollars I Recommend Today

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Ultra GUA3120A w Gaming Desktop Under 1500

This CyberpowerPC’s GUA3100A is a prebuilt gaming pc under 1500 package that comes with a mouse and keyboard, promoted as a budget gaming pc under 1500 dollars. For performance, This is definitely a beginner device, Even so, for people searching for a pre-built gaming bundle without the hassle of DIY set up, this entry level Computer will fit individuals seeking to commence game playing and it has potential for long term components upgrades.

The good:

  1. Matching keyboard/mouse/case package deal
  2. Prebuilt device, filled with Windows 10 preinstalled
  3. Attractive looking case with viewing window and red-colored case lighting
  4.  Lots of space inside the case for upcoming components upgrades
  5. 12 months warranty

The Bad

  1. No wireless adapter
  2. Mouse and keyboard lights powered completely from PSU, so that they work even when Computer is turned off
  3. Not any USB 3.0 ports (even though there are lots of USB 2.0 ports)
  4. Definitely not the leading graphics

General performance

The processor chip is AMD FX-4300, a quad-core gadget that provides a speedy 3.8GHz clock frequency as well as 4.0GHz turbo boost. In case you’d want to learn about benchmarks, the CPU Mark rating for this gadget is approximately 4600. Those ought to be sufficient for gamers and power consumers, for instance video editing on this system is workable.

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Ultra GUA3120A features 8GB DDR3 RAM set up, however don’t feel concerned you can set up a lot more if you genuinely wish to. The highest could be 32 gigabytes on 4 slots on the mainboard.

Gaming Performance

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Ultra GUA3120A features a dedicated video card, the Radeon R7 250 having 2GB video memory. At present, despite the fact that it’s dedicated, it’s among the slowest such cards. GTX 750 and those are much, much quicker as compared to this AMD. Therefore the truth is, you won’t get outstanding gaming performance if you want to play serious games on high setting.

Top Picks Reasons

This gaming pc under 1500 dollars coming from CyberPowerPC comes along with plenty of specifications to keep you fascinated. The largest bonus right here is the selling price. In case you are in search of a gaming desktop which runs the majority of the games and doesn‘t spend you much, then this one is successful. Suggested.

ASUS ROG High Graphic Performance Desktop Gaming PC NVIDIA GTX1070 Review

Best Budget Gaming PC Under 1500 Dollars Of 2017(Top 10 Lists)ASUS ROG Desktop Gaming PC has much more room and everything you want from an GTX desktop. With the technological innovation, it becomes more powerful and efficient. You can enjoy next generation processors’ and Solid-State Drive’s extremely fast speed. It does have more advantages than the traditional gaming PC

The Reasons to Buy This Gaming PC under 1500

Advanced Graphics and Sound: ASUS ROG Desktop Gaming PC has Studio‐quality Sound and a strong power supply and can satisfy graphics cards which equipped with NVIDIA’s flagship GeForce GTX 1070 .Then you can enjoy better and smoother gaming and video editing.

Ultra-large capacity: This gaming PC under 1500 dollars has 16 GB DDR4-SDRAM and 1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD Storage , providing much more room.

Technical support and R& D capacity: With the development of technology, Intel Core i7-6700 Quad Core 3.4 GHz Processor and Windows 10 Operating System are put into operation.

Something You May Not Like

This gaming PC ‘s Solid State Disk runs a slow speed and it is a little heavier compared to similar PC s.

What the Current Owners Say This Gaming Pc under 1500

I got this mini gaming desktop under 1500 a few days ago, and I am blown away! Mainly I use Macs as primary computer because I have had weaker PCS for years. This silent monster is no joke. It eats up games on ultra settings like it’s a joke all while remaining whipper quite. What?! Seriously though, I can’t believe such a thing exists, and for such a low price. I’m really hoping it doesn’t randomly die on me one day or something, because so far, it’s the best computer I have ever used in my life. Wow, and it’s cool to the touch at all times. Now then, please pardon me, I have to get back to this 1080p 60fps on ultra gaming madness!!

Bottom Line

ASUS ROG Desktop Gaming PC under 1500 gives a wonderful visual experience. High graphic performance can help you play games comfortably and smoothly. It also has a reasonable price. Buy-it! You won’t regret for your choice.

iBUYPOWER Gaming Computer Desktop PC AM003i Gaming Desktop Under 1500

Armed with Latest Intel Core i7-7700K Quad Core Processor 4.20 GHz  processor and 16GB DDR4-2400 RAM, offering you the power to running memory intensive graphics applications and games is a piece of cake for the iBUYPOWER AM003i Gaming Desktop. This iBUYPOWER AM003i Gaming Desktop under 1500 also packs with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB  GPU Graphics Card which can enhance the clarity when displaying all kinds of media. Through the integrated HDMI and VGA connectors, this computer can connect to a variety of displays with no difficulty, like the integrated 24X SuperMulti DVD Drive, the  6-in-1 media card reader and the 1TB HDD.

☆Main features

  • Latest 6th generation Intel Core i7-7700K Quad Core processor
  • 1GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Video Card; 8 GB DDR4
  • Windows 10

☆Various interfaces

This iBUYPOWER AM003i Gaming Desktop under 1500 dollars is equipped with 64-bit Windows 10 operation system. It have 5 USB 2.0 ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports which simplify the process of connecting various peripheral devices like external hard drives, printers and thumb drives. In addition, multiple expansion bays and expansion slots are provided to attach additional hardware to your system. If it is configured, you can connect to the Internet with ease via the integrated Gigabit Ethernet port which can be found on the back of the PC tower.




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