Best High Performance Pre Built Gaming PC Of 2017 ( VR-Ready & Compact)

Game playing has been evolving quickly, of course, if you would like to enjoy stunning, extensive game titles such as Fallout four and Metal Gear Solid V at their highest visual possible, you’ll be wanting a high end gaming desktop.We certainly have tested more than a few more of the most well-liked Pre Built Gaming PC accessible, operating our demanding package of standards and trying to play a number of strenuous video games on each system. Our present all round preferred is the Digital Storm Bolt 3, on account of its remarkable style, powerful overall performance and versatile pricing choices.

There are various excellent options targeted at particular kinds of game enthusiasts. For instance, the inviting Alienware X51 is fantastic for individuals making the changeover from games consoles, whilst the superpremium Maingear Shift is going to fulfill individuals searching for ridiculous power and loads of customization alternatives.

Regardless of how you game, listed below are the Best High Performance Pre-Built Gaming PC Of 2017 for each and every kind of player.

Top Lists:Best High Performance Pre-Built Gaming PC Of 2017

CyberpowerPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool SLC8280A Desktop Review

Top Lists:Best High Performance Pre-Built Gaming PC Of 2017You are sure to get the pinnacle of gaming performance if you are ready to buy a CyberpowerPC Gamer Supreme series of HIGH END gaming computers. This CyberpowerPC Gamer Supreme Series features processing power combined with the greatest and latest graphics cards to deal with even the most demanding games.


  • Large storage: CyberpowerPC gaming desktop is sure to have a large storage in order to reach a high speed.
  • Over 10 connectivity ports: Ten connectivity ports help you connect with others easily.
  • High technology: Intel i7-6700K Quad-Core and Intel Z170.
  • Others: Available price, tech support and cool appearance.


  • Sometimes it may have some small problems, but it will be fixed up very soon.

What the Current Owners Say

Everything is just as the advertised said, so far the desktop works greatly. I’m pleasant with this purchase. I feel that this computer is worth this price. Another fantastic feature is it’s also beautiful.

Bottom Line

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool SLC8280A is always a High Performance Pre Built Gaming PC. It’s always an incredible machine that attracts most customers. Fine sound, excellent procedure speed and other anything you may not remember is all in this desktop. CYBERPOWERPC brand owns a long history about computer gadgets. Please believe a historical brand’s promise to all the customers. You will be regret.

Picking Guide:High Performance Gaming PC Under 1000 Dollars, What To Look For

What sort of game player you are

Those high end pre built gaming Computers are available in a near-endless selection of dimensions, designs as well as configuration settings, therefore you ought to think about what sort of game player you are before you decide to spend for one.

In case you would like to take advantage of Computer gaming yet still being in a position to relax with your sofa as well as big-screen Television, units like the Alienware Alpha (about $500 beginning) and also the Maingear Drift (about $1,000 beginning) are clean and stream-lined enough to slide into your entertainment center.

Some of those who favor personalization, power and eye-catching styles should think about desktop computers like the Origin Millennium (about $1,500 starting) and Maingear Shift (about $2,000 starting). In the event that you possess the area for them, these types of massive devices could be set up with the highest-end parts to choose from, and are simple to put open if you would like put brand new elements your self.

The Way We Test

Each and every pre built gaming desktop computer we look at endures a consistent gauntlet of real-world and standard testing, to be able to evaluate how each and every Computer stacks up as both a video gaming unit and as a day to day pc.

In terms of hard numbers go, we have now run the framerate standard utilities for Rainbow Six: Siege and Metro: Previous Light on Super configurations at 1080p, 2560 x 1600, as well as, when the equipment permits it, 3840 x 2160 (additionally referred to as 4K).

Additionally we merely participate in a bunch of video games, for example  Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor,Grand Theft Auto V, and Metal Gear Solid V, at numerous graphic and image resolution configurations as a way to provide you with a much more anecdotal document on what video gaming on these Computers seems like.

To better put each and every system’s overall performance in viewpoint, we operate a range of 3D Mark graphics assessments, such as Fire Strike Ultra and Fire Strike and. To check the Central processing unit’s muscle mass, we operate Geekbench 3, in addition to a spreadsheet macro test which measures how rapid a system will be able to go with 20,000 names to their addresses. To check the hard drive, we calculate how quickly each Computer are able to copy 5GB worth of multi-media data files.

SPECS to consider

Graphics Card

As graphics card is the driving force behind gaming performance, you are supposed to consider the most powerful one under your budget. When it comes to graphics card selection, currently the biggest chipmakers are AMD and NVIDIA. At present, AMD’s R9 280X or the faster R9 290 will deliver you an excellent gaming experience. Even the worst one can offer you a speed over 60 fps at 1920 by 1080 pixels in most of the case. Absolutely NVIDIA is a strong competitor, whose GeForce GTX 780 offers a slightly higher frame rates. However the actual performance will also depend on the game you play because software optimizations in the games can tip performance of certain brand.

Although graphics card is the most expansive component in a gaming PC, skimp on it is not wise because it is of vital importance to Windows gaming. If you ask me a slower processor plus a better graphics card or the otherwise, I will choose the former one without hesitation. However, one thing should be kept in mind is that you need to match the performance between the processor and graphics card in order to take full advantage of both and avoid bottlenecks.

If you want to save money you can choose a factory-overclocked graphics card which has a lower base specification. They will run the memory and graphics processing chips a little bit faster than standard cards and use outstanding cooling systems. Dual-card is also a good choice, which depends on the prices of the cards. Currently, none of the vendors choose this solution.


Even though windows gaming experience largely depend on the graphics card, a central processor is an essential part of a PC.

Considering all-round performance at a reasonable price, the Intel Core i7 is quite a nice choice. If your budget is not that tough, you can choose the Core i5 for a supreme power which processes double the number of threads. However, the improvement is little when it comes to gaming speeds.

PCMark 7 benchmark is used to quantify the general performance of every PC. At present, as many PC vendors are offering the same box of bits in essence, the differences come largely to the level of overclocking as well as the choose of SSD and the use of fast memory. The overall PCMark 7 score also include the performance of graphics cards for non-gaming tasks i.e. converting between different video formats.

Cooling system

If you do not want your well-performed CPU to overheat, forced cooling is of vital importance. Liquid-cooling systems can reduce fan noise and offer greater cooling capacity compared with airflow alone. At the same time, the dust filters which are attached to a computer’s fans will help to reduce the debris that clogs up games machines. Otherwise, it will make them to run even louder and hotter. If it is necessary, you can equip with fan controllers and internal cable management aids airflow to reduce noise or boost cooling.


As for monitors, you need one that is large, clear and can offer a quick response time. Twisted nematic panels provide you with fastest response times while currently in-plane switching panels are super fast and deliver much better color reproduction. Other non-gaming users of the PC will also benefit from their wider viewing angles.

Console gamers would prefer a display which has multiple HDMI inputs so that they can hook it up to their PC and make switches between them.

The keyboard and mouse also contribute to your gaming performance. A high-resolution mouse and backlighting keyboard with programmable keys are a decent choice.

A more immersive experience can be reached through a gaming soundcard with reduced noise and improved audio fidelity. What’s more, a gaming headset including a built-in mic is needed.

Best VR-Ready Pre built Gaming Desktops Of 2017

In the event that you intend on video gaming in VR, be aware of specifications. At least, the Oculus Rift demands an Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD 290 video card, a good Intel i5-4590 cpu, 8 gb of Ram memory, 2 USB 3.0 ports, a good HDMI 1.3 port as well as Windows 7 or more recent. The Vive demands comparable specifications, however needs significantly less Ram memory at least 4 gb, and merely needs a single USB 2.0 port. You will require HDMI 1.4 or DisplayPort 1.2 or more recent, nevertheless.

You need to use Valve’s SteamVR Efficiency Check to make sure your computer is Vive-ready; Oculus provides a comparable device on the Rift’s pre-order page.

In order to make your decision simpler, we offer a buying guide regarding “best cheap vr gaming pc under 1000 dollars” so you can get some good of them included with a Rift for a cheap price.

TOP VR-Ready Gaming PC Under 1000:Asus ROG G20CD

A good amount of desktop computers are designed for virtual reality, but none of them seem as effective as the Asus ROG G20CD. This otherworldly beauty of a desktop computer provides personalized lighting which can sync up with your video games and audio, as well as it’s tiny enough to sit down neatly on your table, enjoyment center or elsewhere you want to show it off. This G20CD’s GTX 970-powered base settings fulfills the primary needs for VR video gaming, nonetheless you are able to additionally choose a GTX 980-powered model for even more graphics muscle mass.

Best Cheap High-end  Pre built Gaming PC Of 2017


The CYBERPOWERPC-Gamer Ultra-GUA570 Gaming Pc is probably one of the best gaming Computer under 1000 dollar. There are a few points each and every game player will enjoy relating to this gaming Computer. First of all, it features a super easy setup. This is really crucial particularly for newbies who may not learn where to begin. Additionally, it helps you save hard earned cash which would well be utilized to acquire technical help. The other incredible point about this video gaming Computer would be the fact it features a extremely effective processor, Which means you won’t have to wait too much time for information processing as with some other gaming Computer.

The cooling system on this pre built gaming pc is another point which makes it excellent. It makes certain all of the heat is removed to help keep things working efficiently. Using the CYBERPOWERPC-Gamer Ultra-GUA570 Gaming Desktop computer moreover, you may don’t have to concern yourself with noise as it doesn’t make too much noise. All that you should do is take pleasure in your current game.

Best Compact high end pre built gaming pc of 2016

Like a console? Choos this compact gaming pc under 1000 dollars

In the event that you happen to be torn between buying a gaming console and an reasonably priced gaming Computer, why don’t you take pleasure in the best of both worlds? The $550 Alienware Alpha is a video gaming desktop computer which works just like a gaming console, with an user-friendly UI, full entry to Steam and powerful gamepad help that means it is completely suitable for fragging away on the couch. The Alpha’s Intel Core i3 Processor as well as Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M video card are plenty strong for the majority of present day video games, and you’ll have access to to take pleasure from 10 free titles, such as Payday 2 , Metro: Last Light,and Awesomenauts right out of the box.


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