Best Lenovo Gaming PC Reviews (Under $500/600/700/800/900/1000)

Before purchasing something, most people like to ask the stager for advice. So i, as an experienced gamer, is often asked. And based on my long-time experience, i think Lenovo gaming PC is worthy.

Due to the affordable price and excellent performance, the Lenovo has became the global top 2 PC manufacturer. And its brand——Lenovo can nearly be said the pronoun of “cost-effective gaming computers”.

However, selecting a better PC from these good products accurately and quickly requires a few skills. As you’re reading this post—best affordable Lenovo gaming PC, I believe you’re a wise guy for this report is the essence of my long time searching, and it will briefly and effectively introduce several best gaming PC under different price and make a comprehensive contrast about the components, which make sure let you purchase a satisfied best affordable Lenovo gaming PC under $500/600/700/800/900/1000 .

 Reviews:Best Affordable Lenovo Gaming PC On The Market

Significant keys to the best affordable gaming PC in 2014

★wants: great gaming performance, affordable price

★Basic features: Graphics, Processor, RAM, Hard drive

★Stability& Build quality& Design

★Reliable and good customer reviews

Best Lenovo Gaming PC Reviews (Under $500/600/700/800/900/1000) Dollars

Best Gaming PC under 500 dollars

Lenovo IdeaCentre 57324528 H535 Desktop

Best Affordable Lenovo Gaming PC under 500Cheapest is the dearest? No, the Lenovo IdeaCentre 57324528 H535 is the exception, which features AMD A10-6700 3.7 GHz Processor,2 TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive,8 GB DDR3 RAM and integrated AMD graphics and is powerful to support even processing-intensive games. The amazing pow price, good customer reviews and not bad gaming performance make me strongly recommend this desktop for you. If you need a best affordable PC for daily family use inclined to gaming, the Lenovo IdeaCentre 57324528 H535 is the best I know.

Highlights for better

  • Great entertainment features and fast processing performance make it the ideal desktop for the entire family.
  • Thanks to its integrated AMD HD graphics, HDMI output, 5.1 surround sound support,and DVD reader/writer, it can offer a all-around home entertainment experience.
●Lenovo Cloud Storage well protect your critical data.

Best Gaming PC under 600

Lenovo IdeaCentre 57327392 K450e Desktop

Gaming pc under 600The price of this Lenovo IdeaCentre 57327392 K450e on official website is $799.99, but only cost less than 600 dollars on as i found it. So i recommend it for you, which will let you enjoy the fun took by the 800 dollars with less money. Equipped with Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz Processor,1 TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive,12 GB DDR3 RAM and NVIDIA GT720 2 GB Graphics, the Lenovo IdeaCentre 57327392 K450e can help you face the intensive gaming or multimedia tasks easily.

Highlights for better

  • Its NVIDIA GeForce graphics can make the latest 3D games smooth as silk.
  • Whether you’re enjoying a movie or gaming, its home theater audio performance will make you live the experience to the max.
  • Drive your multi-tasking power and desktop’s performance to the limit, giving all of your data more room.

Best Gaming PC under 800

Lenovo IdeaCentre 57327391 K450e Desktop

Best cheap gaming computer under 800Maybe you misunderstand this one and above one, for their names look similar. In fact, there are some little differences. If you want better components to arm your PC to achieve more wonderful experience, the Lenovo IdeaCentre 57327391 K450e can beat the competition hands down. It is armed with  3.6 GHz Intel Core i7-4790Processor,2 TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive,12 GB DDR3 RAM and NVIDIA GT720 2GB Graphics, which brings upgrade capacity and performance to a new level. Anyone who are serious about gaming but in a tight budget,  you do love it.

Highlights for better

  • high-performance graphics and super-fast processing for intensive multimedia tasks or gaming
  • Quite large hard drive allow you to store more data for entertainment like gaming, enhancing your happiness.
  • Expandability, easy-to-access configurations and more slots,ports and connection options than you ever need.

Basic features contrast

As for games, especially intense 3D games, they require powerful graphics and processor to run smooth. And th e RAM and hard drive determine how much data you can store.

The processor and hard drive of Lenovo IdeaCentre 57324528 H535 are good as the other two. But its RAM only has 8GB, which smaller than 12 GB. So it has less advantages on running some large games.

The Lenovo IdeaCentre 57327392 K450e and the Lenovo IdeaCentre 57327391 K450e has two big difference. As their graphics and RAM are the same, the latter has more powerful processor to match its larger hard drive, which also let it perform better and cost 200 dollars more than the former.

If i were you …..

If i were you, i would follow my actual situation to make choices. If i lack of money, i will purchase the best gaming PC under 600. If i just want my PC to meet my daily computing need and sometimes gaming, the best gaming PC under 500 is fine. If i want to enhance my gaming fun, i prefer the best gaming PC under 800.

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