Dell XPS X8700-1261BLK Gaming PC Under 800

Dell XPS X8700-1261BLK Gaming PC is a powerful desktop PC featuring Intel Core i7-4790 Processor, 1TB hard drive, 8GB DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GT 720 graphics and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. It is one of the best affordable gaming PC under 800, with which you can do intensive business work, play the various games at high settings, watch Hollywood blockbusters and enjoy the fast and decent performance of multitasking.

Reviews:Dell XPS X8700-1261BLK Gaming PC Under 800

 Dell XPS X8700-1261BLKThe details you can’t miss

◎Intel Core i7-4790 Processor

◎Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

◎1 TB Hard Drive


 Product Description

The Dell XPS X8700 Gaming pc features 4th Gen Intel processors, expansive storage and has expandability.

Excellent performance

Owing to the 4th Gen Intel Core processors, it performs 15% better than its previous generations. Users can enjoy system-intensive applications such as extreme gaming, video editing, serious multitasking and HD video playback.

Faster connections

With so many ports–10 USB ports, Bluetooth 4.0 and HDMI, the XPS 8700 can easily connect and sync a great number of devices. 19-in-1 media card reader makes it easier for users to upload photos, videos and other things wirelessly. Users do not need to worry about connecting with other devices, thanks to the USB 3.0 ports. More importantly, the speed when transferring data is ten times faster than 2.0. When users want to Sync Bluetooth devices or connect to the internet, it can easily be done through the Dell Wireless-N 1703 card. What’s more, HDMI port lets users hook up HD display sand stream content to an HDTV.

Sufficient storage and expandability

Another outstanding feature of the XPS 8700 is large storage. You can use the four easily accessible bays to make use of multiple options. However if you find that’s not enough for you, don’t worry, it can expand easily to the size you want.

Advanced graphics and perfect sound

The XPS 8700 owns advanced video graphics and Studio-quality sound, with which creating HD masterpieces is just a piece of cake. And when you watch movies or playing video games, a cinematic richness will display in front of you. What an amazing enjoyment!

Pertinent customer reviews

◎I’m very pleased with this wonderful gaming pc, so I’ll give it full 5 stars. As I’m not a computer master, the setup and start using process is very easy which suits me well. It does a good job when transforming all my data from my old computer, which saves me a lot of time. Plus, the Windows 7 operation system is quite user-friendly.

◎I’m a person who cannot leave without my computer. It is incredibly fast and efficient even multitasking more than ten multiple tasks simultaneously, which helps me a lot with my work. Besides, the video graphics is also excellent when I watching movies. I love it!

Affordable price

The list price of the XPS 8700 on official website is $829.99, which is a little bit expensive for ordinary consumers. Luckily, its current price on is just less than 774.99 dollars with free shipping, which means you can save $55. If you want to buy one, check the price again on the website.

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